I am running for School Board because we need to show Walker, DeVos, Trump – and most importantly, our own children – what public education is capable of. I am deeply committed to public education in our city because I am the mother to three young children who are current and future public school students.

I've spent the last decade working with Fortune 500 companies and was the CEO of a successful startup. I've also worked as a mediator in public schools. I believe there is room in the budget to support our teachers better while deepening our focus on excellence with equity, and my experience with budget management and strategic leadership will help Madison fund the right priorities for our kids.

I'm proud to live in a community that has such a deep commitment to public education, and hope to represent current parents and community members on the School Board.


Jonny Hunter

Owner, Underground Food Collective

"Kate would bring the much needed voice of a parent with kids in school. I have no doubt in her capacity to bring real reform to Madison Area Public Schools"

Jessica Doyle

Educator and former first lady

"Kate Toews is passionate about making sure every child gets a great education. She is a district parent who will use her devotion to MMSD, her organizational skills and her constructive approach to make this goal a reality." 

Cap Times

Kate Toews Opinion

"I am running for School Board because our kids are going to grow up in the education system we build right now. I believe it must be public. And I am not willing to let Walker, DeVos, or anyone else destroy it."

Wisconsin State Journal

Tanya Schlam

"When you’re facing a difficult problem, Kate is the kind of person you want by your side, gathering information from all perspectives..figuring out the most promising ways to proceed."

Jordan Ellenberg

author and local mathematician

Kate Toews is committed to progressive ideals and has the organizational experience to realize those ideals in practical policy. She’ll be a great addition to the School Board."

Wisconsin State Journal

Jeff Mandell

"Toews has a particular expertise in helping organizations set their priorities and align their budgets to their goals."

Jan 14, 2017   I   Amber C. Walker   I   ACWalker620

Jan 14, 2017   I   Amber C. Walker   I   ACWalker620

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