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Elected Leaders

Jessica Doyle, educator and former first lady

Kate Toews is passionate about making sure every child gets a great education. She is a district parent who will use her devotion to MMSD, her organizational skills and her constructive approach to make this goal a reality.

Mark Miller, State Senator District 16



Jimmy Anderson, State Representative District 47




Denise DeMarb, City of Madison Alder District 16




Tim Gruber, City of Madison Alder District 11




Julia Arata-Fratta, City of Fitchburg District 2



Community Leaders

Jonny Hunter, Founder, Underground Food Collective

I have no doubt in Kate's capacity to bring real reform to Madison schools. As a parent of two young children I care passionately about our schools. As a small business owner with over 100 employees it is important to me that Madison policy provides a quality education to everyone. Kate is the only candidate who proposes to recruit top teachers and stop good teachers from leaving. Additionally, Kate would be bring the much needed voice of a parent with kids in school. Kate has considerable experience in education and budgeting having worked with Boston Public Schools and the Pew Research Center, and as CEO of her own local startup she understands the invaluable skill of managing tight budgets. 

Dr. John Odom, Odom & Associates



Melissa Scholz, Scholz Nonprofit Law

As MMSD grapples with how best to reach all students in our district and most effectively use its resources, we need Kate to bring her big-picture view of the power of public education while working constructively to probe deeply on budgetary and reform priorities. 

Scott Resnick (Letter to the Editor)

Toews embodies the spirit of innovation for the public good that makes Madison what it is. She doesn’t just talk about making changes to help people -- she’s done it, and as a School Board member, she’ll keep doing it

Jordan Ellenberg (Letter to the Editor)

I know she’ll fight tirelessly for all the schoolchildren in our city. If you meet her, or just see her speak at a candidate forum, you’ll know in half a second she’s somebody you want in your corner

Laurie Frost (Letter to the Editor)

She has extensive experience in the business world that includes increasing workforce diversity, fostering innovation, and managing large budgets. Kate is also experienced with data analysis and program evaluation — critical skills for School Board members to have — and will make sure that district decisions are empirically driven and aimed at what’s truly best for our students.

Megan Spicer (Letter to the Editor)

Toews will represent the voice of parents of young children in this community and is prepared to fight back against the privatization efforts of our state and federal government. Toews approaches problems like a good parent -- she listens.

Tanya Schlam (Letter to the Editor)

Kate has immense energy and will be in the schools — something school board members don’t always do — listening to everyone and helping solve our most pressing problems, including the achievement gap. When you’re facing a difficult problem, Kate is the kind of person you want by your side, gathering information from all perspectives, crunching numbers, and figuring out the most promising, fair ways to proceed.

Jeff Mandell (Letter to the Editor)

Her experience in both public education and business prepares her to understand and resolve the challenges facing our schools. Kate has a particular expertise in helping organizations set their priorities and align their budgets to meet their goals.

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